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FAQs 자주묻는질문

1. How much discount do I get?

Once you’ve signed up and approved by our team, you’ll see discounted wholesale prices up to 12% on all products after you logged into PetBucket.

You will receive an additional 4% discount on all products when you place a “supported by PetBucket” verification stamp on your website.

2. How much do I earn from referrals?

You’ll earn $10 on every new customer you refer.

3. How do you track my referrals?

We Track your referrals in 3 different ways.

  • Through your unique referral code. The person you refer will also get a 10% discount by using this code.
  • Through your referral link
  • Clicks through PetBucket verification stamp on your website. 

4. How do I see my earnings?

You can see your pending earnings at the top right section of your dashboard located at

5. How do I receive my earnings?

You can issue a voucher with your pending balance by clicking the ‘Issue Voucher’ under your current balance at the top right section of your dashboard located at

6. Is there a minimum amount before I issue my vouchers?

바우처 발행을 위한 최소 금액은 20달러입니다.

7. Is it free join?

Yes, it is free to join.

5. How do I signup?

Just fill up the form at

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