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세레스토 목걸이는 어떻게 작용하나요?

 by ben on 22 Jul 2019 |
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The Seresto collar provides up to eight months of flea and tick prevention, making it one of the most convenient and cost-effective treatments on the market.

With the huge range of flea and tick treatments on the market, many pet owners turn to the most convenient and cost-effective medications to fight an infestation. That’s why the Seresto collar has become thousands of consumers’ go-to solution for pest prevention. This revolutionary flea and tick treatment provides up to eight months of protection from biting pests, protecting dogs and cats from disease and giving owners peace of mind.

Manufactured by time-honored veterinary science company Bayer, 세레스토 Seresto contains two active ingredients that fight fleas and ticks. An insecticide proven to be highly toxic to biting insects, Imidaclopridfights fleas at both their larval and adult stages. It is found in hundreds of other pet, garden, and home products and works by binding to receptors that block pathways in the nervous system of fleas and ticks. Because it is much more effective on insects’ nerve cells than mammals’, Imidacloprid has been proven to be safe for use on dogs and cats. Bravecto’s other active ingredient, Flumethrin, also attacks the nervous system of parasites, fighting fleas in their nymph, larval and adult stages. This pesticide is found in low doses in the collar and does not pose a risk to pets or to the people around them. In fact, field trials found only a small percentage of dogs and cats faced minor side effects, such as irritation, hair loss, scratching and hair discoloration around the area of the collar.

이미다클로프리드 (Imidacloprid)플루메트린 (Flumethrin) work together to fight fleas and ticks for up to eight months, thanks to Seresto’srevolutionary design. The active ingredients are contained in a polymer matrix that slowly releases medication from the center of the collar to its surface. Seresto begins work almost immediately on contact with an animal’s fur and skin, where it forms a thin layer of protection against fleas and ticks. This odorless and non-greasy shield prevents parasites from attaching to your pet, where they can cause allergic reactions and transmit disease. And, because Seresto’ssustained release ensures a steady, low dose of medication, your pet will receive safe protection for up to eight months from each collar.

세레스토 목걸이는 방수기능이 포함되어 있으며 자주 목욕을 하거나 물놀이를 즐기는 강아지에게도 적합합니다. 강아지의 경우 생후 7주 이상, 고양이는 10주 이상에게 안전하게 사용할 수 있으며 강아지는 소형견용과 대형견용 제품이 따로 시판되어 있습니다. 또한 애완동물이 목걸이를 깨물어도 안전하니 염려하지 않으셔도 됩니다.


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